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Prise de mesure

Taking measurements :

SEBER offers taking full measures of service.
Elect to sell for action SEBER to your customers, is choosing peace of mind. There may have a detail that escape you and make the installation less professional or impossible! A simple measurement error your customers will affect your credibility and will be costly to your reputation and your portfolio.
Our decision-professional measures are warranted. See them as an assurance that your project will be carried out smoothly.







Taking measurements :

SEBER employs four full-time technicians specialized in the installation of draperies, curtains and blinds. Enjoy this guaranteed service and free yourself hassles and worries. Your credibility and image are your best advertisement.

Entrusting your facilities to less experienced technicians would be too risky! Offer a shopping experience impeccable with your clients and they will become your best ambassadors. Our work is guaranteed and our unparalleled efficiency.




Réparation et modification



Repair and modification :

Through its extensive inventory of parts and expertise, SEBER is able to cut, edit and repair all makes and models of existing blinds on the market. he Perhaps to accommodate your customers, you are forced to deal with some existing stores it Last wishes to retain. So do not hesitate! Seber offers this service for over 20 years.







Shipping :

If the amount is too large, the dimensions are oversized, or just because it is more practice, ask for our delivery service.







Collection :

After delivery or installation, our technicians are able to take on your behalf the final payment invoice your client. Simply give us your instructions and we will be happy to the execute with precision to accommodate you.


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